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Jun. 19.

Summer Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Everything starts at 15 – that has become a generally accepted truth.
Summer is in and the sun is out – nothing would be more fun but to step out of the heat and enjoy the warm weather. This is the season when teenagers go out of their homes to look for summer jobs to make a little money for themselves. There are several categories off jobs and summer programs that teenagers, starting at the age of 15 years old, could be into to be productive. The following is the list of the top summer jobs for 15 year olds:

Baking / Cooking

Pastry shops, coffee shops, small snack bar or bakery will need a helping hand in meeting orders as the high demands of commodities increase for this is the season where everyone tends to stay at home and spend the long vacation with families and loved ones. This also serves as an opportunity for eager teenagers that possess talents and skills in the kitchen.


High School students that have mastered English, have taken up foreign language at school or know how to play musical instruments are qualified to be a summer instructor for short courses for language or music lessons. The summer jobs for 15 years old have to be at the same time helpful in cultivating their talents and skills.

Grocery Store Bagger / Cashier

Grocery stores will always look for teenagers to serve as baggers and cashiers. Usually, they encourage teens to work after classes during fall to sustain their means of income and at the same time maintains a long-term employee the employers can trust.


The hot summer would make people go to nearby resorts to have a quick swim along the cold pools or beaches. Thus, this requires resorts owner to hire more lifesavers to overlook their customers’ welfare. A healthy fit teenager who knows how to swim is usually the first one they call.

Restaurant Workers

Restaurants and snack bars have the most number of part-time summer jobs for 15 year olds. This includes simple tasks like waiting tables, assisting guests, organization of reservations and doing job orders. This is not only for the summer, being a restaurant worker is an effective job to earn for college.

Junior Ranger

For tough lads out there and eager young teens hoping for an adventure, assisting a respected ranger would be such an honor. This will be a chance in working in remote camp areas, assisting in forest management, discovering biodiversity and even a way to reflect of what to take up in college and plan about life.


With the technology today, freelancing tends to be a popular activity to earn not just for young professionals, experienced individuals but also for 15 year olds. Teenagers may be in of photography, writing, data entry or give any assistance for online employers – it is open for all. Just by presenting talents and resumes online and preparing a well-written applications for the jobs that fit certain qualifications, many will find this job easy and fun.
There is a lot or work laid out for the right employee swimming in the sea of classified ads. By the drag of the coping economy, many businesses strive hard to be on the top of competition Nevertheless this requires those employers to hire a batch of young minds to be in their team. These kinds of works are open to all even for 15 year-olds planning to earn some penny just for the summer.

Jun. 19.

Jobs for 13 Year Olds

Because of the recent instability of the economy, the government takes precautionary measures to educate the future leaders and businessmen of the country on how to play their twists and turns in the market someday. As early as a young age, the kids of today are challenged to take a step further from their usual maturity stage to prepare themselves for the bright future awaiting them.

Even in the early teens, beginning at 13 years old, the community itself has welcomed them with jobs and opportunities to be productive even at a very young age. The jobs for 13 years olds vary from a household work, simple tasks, errand jobs or high-paying chores that most of the kids enjoy. These are some examples:


This is one of the most popular jobs for 13 year olds in which allow the kid to feel superior and independent. There is a lot of babysitting jobs, especially in the summer, that could take only a hour or two to enable parents do their errands while having someone looking after their little children at home.

Dog Walking

The jobs for 13 year olds don’t have to be just inside someone’s home. Dog walking is also one way of exercise under the summer sun when pet owners have no time at all to walk their pets in the park, beach or street.

Yard Working

Planting flowers, fencing assistant, clearing up weeds and raking leaves are one of the basic works available in a yard. This is suitable to make lazy Saturdays an adventure. Summer is the best season for the job – kids are out of school and the garden has to keep up with the summer heat – this means a lot of work for busy homeowners, yet an opportunity for bored kids who missed summer camp.

Pet Sitting

Just like babysitting this job comes second on the top jobs engaged by teenagers. This is a perfect paying past time for pet lovers and dog enthusiasts. This activity may also be for longer hour because the usual clients for pet sitting are homeowners in a long vacation or a lengthy office business meeting.

Lawn Mowing

It takes only an adequate knowledge on grass trimming and operating lawn mowers to be qualified for the work. Many young lads opt for this one also to exercise strength and creativity in lawn jobs.

Delivery Jobs

One can either be a newspaper boy or be in food delivery. This would also increase a teen’s connection and personal interaction with other people. This is where everyone starts and it serves a well-served foundation for young teenagers’ future job and endeavors. However, for some it just a past time, but it gives the chance to go around the town and be oriented about the community where everyone interacts every day.

No matter what job the kids of today choose at an early age to take that first glimpse of the fine view away from the transparent line of unemployment and develop the sense of individuality by earning while having fun, it will always be noble. Many small organizations and government sector encourage parents to let their children go out of their houses and explore more of the world and looking for a job is at the top of what they want them to do.

Jun. 19.

Babysitting Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Although popular, the demand for babysitting jobs for 16 year olds may rise but the population of babysitter increase too especially during summer. As early as a teenager, this scenario provokes teenagers to come up and engage to marketing strategies in order to put customers on the line to fill their empty calendars for babysitting schedules.
Babysitting jobs for 16 year olds are fun and easy and that what makes it a well-known source of income for starters. Listed below are tips for marketing strategies to attract clients – specifically parents:


If the budget cannot cater fliers, most babysitter opts for business cards sent out to prospect clients. However, posting fliers will be the most effective way to advertise services. It is easy to see around, a quick way to send out contact details to parents and a little bit formal that could build reliance and professionalism for both parents and babysitter.

Local Newspapers

Newspapers cannot leave the breakfast counter unread so it is the perfect place to post and ad about a babysitter service provider with contact details and negotiable rate. Most working parents read newspaper along with a cup of coffee and learning something on how their children will be catered for a business trip will absolutely encourage them to dial their phone for the offered help.

Local Bulletin Boards

Every community has a public community bulletin boards where everyone, especially mothers, check from time to time for relevant openings, information or announcements that concern the whole neighborhood. A posted advertisement about a babysitting job will have its accessible place in the local community boards.

Personal Advertisements

Knocking on doors, ringing on bells and tapping on the client’s windows to start personal advertisement will induce more service transaction and job offers for this is a form of trust earning and relationship building among both babysitter and parents. This will result to detail retention and exchange of agreement in setting appointments and schedules for the said job. This calls for an instant work instead of waiting for an instant call for a work.

Online Advertisements

Everything now is online. From purchasing, selling and marketing services, the most effective way to reach clients a block or two away from the area is through an ad in the internet. A free webhosting site can be a help in making a page about babysitting jobs for 16 year olds as well as to make it stand out by including promos or additional services to invite more parents.

Team Up

A babysitter club of 16 year olds will be a total interesting team in a neighborhood. Teaming up with other babysitter will allow parents to contact babysitters easily and could promote the job as well to other neighborhoods. This will call for an expansion of the targeted area, of course.
Babysitting, according to survey, promotes self-independence and professionalism among young individuals. This is a good start in the teenage years. Broadening one’s talent will be the first step on discovering another one.

Jan. 06.

what are the Jobs for 17 Year Olds?

As a soon to be adult of the society, you might be eager to get a job already. You have your own reasons as to why you’re in need of one. It could be that you’re an independent person, relying on your own to financially support yourself or you could just be bored and want to earn some extra cash during summer vacation. Whatever it is, know that getting a job isn’t as easy as people might think. It takes a lot of determination, courage and skills to finally land that job that’s right for you.

But first, let’s discuss the laws regarding teenagers working. The good news is that the laws are considerably more laid back when it comes to 17 years old working. Not saying that you can get into any job, but the law allows you more working hours than before. Being 17 also makes people take you more seriously. If you’re out of school already, you are now considered as part of the young workers of the society. It’s not as good as being 18 and above where you get to be treated like an adult, but it’s enough to warrant some sort of respect from your peers.

Also, a lot of jobs would open up to you more. 17 years old have a wider scope of job to choose from than 16 years old and below. People tend to trust you more and can give you harder jobs with higher salaries.

So how does one qualify for jobs for 17 year olds?

Like all other people, you must seek the right kind of job first and then apply for it. But before you do that, know your strengths and weaknesses. Are you infernally clumsy and prone to breaking glasses 5 times a week? Then dish washing might not be good for you. Do you hate kids and can’t stand the sight of them wailing and oozing some form of goo? Babysitting might be come as a herculean task that you’d have difficult time fulfilling. Those are just some of the weaknesses some might have. Others include allergies that prevents someone from cleaning or an attitude that no restaurant would accept. It’s extremely important to know these things as well as the ones you’re good at. Why mow the lawns when you’re good at cooking burgers? You can earn more if you apply to online writing jobs than if you babysit all night. They key is to have the right kind of skills for your job.

Asides from salary, there are other benefits to having a job as early as your teen years. First is the experience you get. When you turn 18 and seek a real job, your employer would be impressed if you’ve already some sort of experience and reference they can turn to. That will show that you’ve started being responsible way before you’ve applied to their company. It also shows that you are familiar with the way things are in the workforce. Jobs for 17 year olds like you also offer skills that you might want to learn. Social skills and Communication skills are just some of the things that you’d gain when you have a job.

So now here’s a list of the jobs available to 17 year olds like you:


It’s been said that this is the best job that a 17 year old can have. It’s an easy task wherein you have to rely heavily on your social skills and endurance. If you’re a cranky person who gets easily pissed off then you should start scrolling down to the next job because only people who can smile and act polite can last a day in this job. Not only do you rush around and serve people all day, but you have to put up with tantrums and demands too. You also might have to wash the dishes later and that’s not exactly an appealing task. But if you’re nice to your customer, you can get large tips and can keep this job for a longer time.

TIP: Always keep that smile on your face in order to get a huge tip!


The models of today just keep getting younger. Do you have a pretty face and a nice body to look at? It’s not difficult to find an agency to hire you. If you love making yourself look pretty then put it to good use on this job. Modeling has a reputation of being an exhausting job but it pays pretty well, depending on who you work for. Get your parents’ consent before you apply and make sure that the agency is legally operating before you do the job.

TIP: Look as naturally beautiful as you can when you apply personally or send photos of yourself.


Whether you’re 15 or 20, this job can never be too old for you. Babysitting is easy in theory-just taking care of kids for a few hours-but exhausting in practice. It’s good if you get to babysit adorable little angels but most likely, you’re in for a long night with kids who screams “don’t wanna go to bed” when you try to make them sleep.

TIP: Make sure you get plenty of rest before you head out. You’re in for a long night.


Just like babysitting, this job never gets old. This is one of the top list in jobs for 17 year olds. No need to break a sweat because you only have to sit all day and scan the objects bought. Piece of cake right?

TIP: You’re gonna need your people skills again because you’d be dealing with people directly.

Dec. 14.

The possibility of a 16 year old getting a job

For a sixteen year old kid, a job may mean a lot of different things. It could be a way to pay off your tuition fees, to save extra money for something you like or to simply to gain experience at this certain age. If you’ve thought about getting a job when you’re still this young, give yourself a medal. Whatever the reason is, you’ve decided to start educating yourself in the workforce as early as now. When you apply to your desired career later on, you would have a bit of an edge over those who are completely inexperienced. Unfortunately, getting a job this early isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

Why people won’t accept you

Do not be offended or be frustrated if the first jobs you’ve applied to turned you down. You tell yourself, why should they hire older people when they could have a much more vigorous employee?
While being young certainly does have its perks, it’s also your fatal flaw when it comes to looking for a job. Your employers stereotypically views you as someone completely inexperienced (which is quite true), who gets bored easily (the short attention span of the youth today), and would like mess up their businesses. When he compares your resume with an older person, he does not see the physical benefits you would provide. Instead, he frowns at your lack of work experience.
There’s also the issue of age restrictions. While it is technically legal for a 16 year old to work in the US, the law restricts the number of hours/days that a teenager could work. He or She must also get a work permit before he can work at any job.
If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone! Even middle-aged people get rejected on their first tries. It’s a matter of perseverance and dedication. If someone slams their door to your face, rest assured that you would find one who would take you in.

Jobs that would likely accept you

We’ve compiled the list of jobs that would most likely accept a 16 year old employee. Review them and make a mental list of which you would like to apply and where should you apply. Also consider the skills that you can contribute and the skills you would get from these jobs.

Baby Sitter

The Queen of all teenage jobs. The job may sound easy at first, but when it’s two in the morning and the twins are still screaming at the top of their lungs while watching a SpongeBob rerun, well, it’s enough to tire even Superman down. But what’s good about this job is that you could do it in your neighborhood. It also pays well especially if the children you’re babysitting aren’t hard to manage. You can even do your homework while the kids watch TV, and if you manage to do the job right for the first few nights, you would be trustworthy enough to regularly do it.

Personal Assistant

Anyone can check emails, run errands or do simple housework. This job might be physically taxing, but this offers you a variety of work experience that you would be able to use someday. Your neighborhood business man might need someone to answer the company’s calls or your teacher might be looking for someone to help check the papers. The possibilities are endless. Just go around and look for something to do. Whether it may be mowing the lawns, sending emails or doing some laundry, this is a fast way to earn money. You can also do simple jobs like walking the dog, help clean your neighbor’s house or do groceries for elder people.

Data Entry

This job is a good way to practice your office skills. Data entry only requires simple computer or writing skills. This job is in demand everywhere since professionals have too much things to do and they can rely little things like this to teenagers like you.

Restaurant Employee

Who knows? That restaurant near your school might need someone to grill burgers or wash the dishes. Most standard restaurants would hire teenagers without any work experience. In fact, some famous people started out in the food industry! It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have a position open. Or you could spread the word that you are looking for a job in this industry and ask if people know of any job openings.

Cashier at a Store

We see movies or read books about this dreamy guy who falls in love with the cashier of a certain store. And sometimes, we’re surprised how young the cashier is! That’s because most stores (grocery, sports equipment), accepts teenagers (yes! 16 year olds included). You can be cashiers, baggers or stockers. All you need is a pleasing personality, patience for your customers and other basic skills.

Movie Theater Assistant

This job is probably one of the easiest jobs in the world. You only need to sell tickets and make sure that no one gets in without one. If you’re promoted to patrols during movie time, that’s even better since you can watch free movie as well. The only downside to this is handling the cranky customers. Also expect to break up some too intimate customers and prepare to called names after that. But all in all, it’s one easy job indeed.

Web Content Writer

You don’t even need a high school degree for this one. The growing trend in the internet right now is all about web content writing. You get paid to write articles in the safety of your home. It’s a fast way to earn money minus the other factors of working. But watch out for internet scams. Research the website you’re working for before you send them any of your works!
Looking for a job when you’re so young is already a great step to being successful in your career someday. Just remember to choose wisely and don’t put you education at stake for a part-time career. Graduating is your number one priority after all!

Oct. 20.

Finding Jobs for 15 Year Olds

School is over, summer has come.

Are you 15 and you are starting to think about what kind of job you are interested in? If you are and you have absolutely no idea what to look for, try looking for a teen job that might help you earn some pocket money.

You might be only 15 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a summer job. Instead of wasting your summer time on the Internet and video games why not get a job that will give you some summer income?

It is not only the financial benefit involved but you also get the chance to learn something.

The way employers look at things, it is not that often to hire 15 year olds because the availability of this age group is somehow limited. However, many restaurant owners try hard to work with these age groups. There are several things you should keep in mind when applying for ANY job. First, leave your attitude behind you and don’t demand things about your work until you have proven your skills.

You are applying for a job to a business owner so your dress code should be appropriate and remember that good manners and politeness are an advantage.

Usually you will be asked for references by the people who are interviewing you. Prepare yourself for that and ask for references beforehand from people you know and have worked for. They could be your teachers, someone from church, coaches, friends or parents from friends who know you as a character.

You should note down their name, address and phone number and remember to inform them that they may be contacted by your potential employer. No employer would want to get in an awkward position by calling someone who has not been informed.

Below there are some suggestions for the most popular summer jobs for 15-year-olds. One of them or maybe more might catch your interest. Read through the list and fill your summer time with a job that can offer you an exciting experience.

These are the most common summer part time jobs for teens:

  • Office work- almost any office needs someone to perform easy tasks such as answering calls, file papers, greet customers, clean and some other office duties.
  • Grocery shops might need staff too to greet customers as they leave the shop or help them put their groceries in bags and help them carry them, be responsible for returning carts to their place or re stock shelves.
  • Help is also wanted in retail stores in summer. Usually you will be given simple tasks like keeping aisles and shelves straightened.
  • You could find a job as hostess at a restaurant. Remember the McDonald’s gig – now you will have your own money and you can spend them on anything you like.
  • Hotels and lodges – due to their continuous turnover of customers you could find a good job there – even better if it is nearby.
  • Do you like sports? Maybe you could check local amusement parks, sports facilities of all kinds (tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball…) – you can get ideas from community parks and recreation departments.
  • Athletic clubs often need someone to pick up towels and from my experience it is a fun experience because people there are kind to you.
  • There are also golf pitches and miniature and driving ranges to look for a job as well.
  • If your parents allow you a more extended time curfew, then you could also work at a gas station – that’s what I did when I got my first job at 15 and it’s great working outside in summer, plus earning money!
  • Mow people’s lawns. If members of your family have large lawns or fields that need mowing, you might get a job as a lawn mower. It’s a very simple work, just use the equipment to cut the grass no matter how large the field is. Your payment could be based either on how many hours you worked or how much area you covered. You can also make your own advertising leaflets advertising your skills (trim hedges, edge lawns…) and this way make extra cash.
  • When you work in a car wash you get to be paid by the hours you are working there however in some places you are paid by the car. On the other hand, if you have enough space in your carport at your house and as long as you don’t violate any city or country rules, you can start your own car wash business where you live.
  • Job in the media- Sometimes the media, teen magazines and even blogs need young journalists to provide their writing to capture that market target group.
  • You can also find a job in summer camps as a counselor. You can program it a year before so if you missed this year, you can book the next one. In addition, there are the big brother-big sister programs at the YMCA and church groups.
  • Another good idea is tutoring. Are a good guitar player? Do you speak foreign languages fluently? Or what about Maths? You can share your knowledge with other people or kids your age and help them with something you know well.

The options for you are numerous if you are really interested in making some money this summer. No special training or extra studying is required for these summer jobs. Just your positive attitude and enjoyment you can get out of the satisfaction that you are earning your own money.

You will feel so proud of yourself and your achievement when summer is over. You can refer your friends or classmates to your boss if there is a job opening.

Be careful who you recommend to your boss however. Choose well the people you recommend because if you make a bad referral it could have a bad reflection on you.

Oct. 20.

Suitable jobs for 14 Year Olds

Is your son or daughter 14 years old? Are you going insane because the only thing they do all day is talk on the phone for hours, sit around or ask you for money? Would you prefer them to experience the working environment through a job suitable for their age? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.
From very young, children enter the school environment investing through their study in their education and building the right foundations. It is commonly thought that through education kids socialize, prepare themselves for the time they will be adults by learning about discipline, rules and correct behavior.
But when kids reach the age of 14 they are not kids anymore. It is a good time to start seeking their potentials along with their studies. They can fill their free time, especially in the summer months, with something apart from playing: working.
Actually, there are many part time jobs for teens. It is a very interesting experience since they will not only spend their time creatively but also earn their pocket money. Apart from that, an appropriate job can teach things teens how real life is, something that cannot be taught entirely by teachers at school.
You have no idea which job would be best for your under-14 child? Don’t worry; we have gathered some ideas in the following list:
1. Babysitting. It is one of the most popular jobs for teenagers. Almost all of us have baby-sitted when we were kids (I did it when I was 14 years old). You don’t have to know anything special or technical to do this job. If you have any experience with younger children in your family, then you have what it takes. In order to find a child to babysit you could ask your relatives or also your friends. Just remember that you should always know who you are working with.
If you want to take babysitting to another level, you could encourage your son or daughter to receive babysitting certification for a complete learning experience and a reference for the completion of this class. You can get more information about where to find these classes at local schools.
2. Movie theater ticket collector. Why don’t you ask local movie theaters if they are in need of someone to collect the tickets for the movie? It’s a very simple job. All the teen has to do is collect tickets for each person who comes to watch the movie. Piece of cake!
3. Voice over in radio stations. Some radio stations produce radio programs such as dramas or comedies and they sometimes need young people to act the young teen character since their age makes them unsuitable for this part. You could ask for job openings.
4. Assistant cashier. If your parents own a family business, then look no further. What better job for a teen than that of the assistant cashier. The tasks are simple from helping the head cashier count the money needed for change or how much cash was earned the whole day. You just need your Maths skills. And don’t worry, most modern cash registers leave minimum chances of error when it comes to money counting.
5. The good old fashioned paper boy. If you don’t have a driver’s license yet, this job is perfect for you. You could ask your local paper for a route that is close to your neighborhood.

6. How about the local grocery shop? They may need extra hands to bag groceries. This is a very popular job, so if you want to show that you are responsible enough for it, go there yourself and take with you a resume which will include a couple of previous jobs. Every job counts, even the simplest one as long as you can show that you were punctual and responsible.
7. Who wants some lemonade? Yes, that’s right! Make your own lemonade stand and sell your lemonade. And to take it a bit further why not sell cookies or baked goods?
8. Do you love animals? Then start your own business as a dog walker. It is quite profitable and here’s an example: if you walk 3 dogs a day, 5 times a week that sums up to about $75 a week provided the only expense you have is doggie bags. Also, you could bathe dogs or pick up after dogs in back yards.
9. Offer your services. Find out what people don’t like doing and offer to do it for them.
10. Car washing. You don’t have to own your own car wash; your car porch will be just fine. If you live in a complex of houses, check with the landlord first to get permission.
11. Ice cream anyone? Another good idea is to get a rolling ice cooler and a bell and sell ice cream. Consult the city rules and regulations first! It is possible that your parents might need to get you a business license.
12. Curb painting is another good idea. Ask the city office if they can give you a curb painting kit and get started. In our city, the city office can give you a fully equipped kit for $100 and you can use it again and again. You might want some help from an adult in the beginning.
13. What is your relationship with household chores? I don’t mean ironing and mopping, but lawn mowing or raking leaves? You could make a poster with your information and distribute it to friends and neighbors to advertise yourself.
The above jobs were some of the best jobs for teenagers. Remember that you are not working to earn your living; you are just making some extra money. They are only part time jobs, which means that you are not expected to do them all your life.
Earning money is an exciting feeling for a teenager! Don’t forget though that these are summer jobs and as the word clearly states they are appropriate only for summer. As soon as school starts in fall, your focus should be only on your education. Your parents have a point when they say that you have all your life ahead of you to earn a living!
These 13 jobs aren’t the only ones fitted for teenagers. There are plenty more according to your interests and skills. But, remember that you are young and there is no need to overwork. Enjoy this new experience and have fun.
To all the parents now. Don’t throw your 14-year-olds out of the house screaming and shouting. What you can easily do to get them moving and getting up from that sofa is use the above ideas to help them get a summer part time job.

Oct. 14.

Beyond Babysitting: Super Summer Jobs For Teens

Earning some little cash especially when you are a teen may be a little trickier but you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of activities that may lead you to earn the extra cash. A number of tasks are available such as babysitting especially if you have neighbors, friends or family with small kids. For the babysitting exercise it only takes a small recruitment exercise and you are set to take care of the kids for a little while.

If watching kids isn’t quite the part time job you’d want to keep yourself busy with during the summer holidays, then here are some of the coolest jobs for teens that would keep you busy during your summer holidays.

Camp Counselor

Though it’s kind of a babysitting job, it’s much more fun be it at a day camp within your city or at a sleep away camp that is out of town. Being a camp counselor is a really fun job as it exposes you to a variety of skills such as team working and many other activities. Other advantages of this kind of job is that you are more likely to make new friends as you will be working with a number of people be it the other camp counselors or the campers too.

The best place to look for a camp counseling job is where you have previously camped especially when you were young as you have an advantage of having gone through their camp activities and therefore much familiar with the tasks and routines. If you have additional skills such as first aid skills, drama and even art and craft then make sure they are highlighted in the as there may be other opportunities in the camps apart from camp counselors that you may be considered for.

Day camps are also very fun to work in. In most cases parents take their kids to these day camps as they have to work during the kids summer holidays. For jobs in day camps you can visit the local community or recreational centers to look for any job openings that may suit you. This is surely a good way of having fun, keeping you busy and making cash in the process over this summer holiday.

Life Guard

This wouldn’t be a job for anyone as it is quite demanding when you’re really needed. Under calm conditions, the job involves sitting by the poolside as you watch over swimmers and having to help them in cases of emergencies.

For life guard tasks, special training and certifications are required. If you have the training and certifications required then it is much easier to find and fill any vacant positions within your locality. You can also use the assistance of city departments that manages recreation facilities including beaches, parks and swimming pools. These departments can be found by looking them up in the internet

Dog Walker

For animal lovers, you have not been left out. This job involves taking care of dogs (either big or small) and walking them. If you not a pet person then this is definitely not a job for you and should pass up on this as cleaning after the dogs can be demanding.

As fun filled as it is, dog walking can be a tedious exercise especially if you have more than one dog to walk. When you have a number of dogs to walk they may be calm or disturbing altogether and so you need to make sure you don’t take more dogs than you can manage. Some of the clients prefer their dogs to be walked alone instead of them being walked in a group.

As for this job, you need to advertise yourself in your neighborhood by use of flyers or approaching dog owners and asking if they need your services. This job needs a proper working schedule and record keeping as to what each client needs and other specifics that may be necessary.

Car/Dog Wash

Another income generating task that you can carry out over this summer holiday is either car washing or dog washing. In terms of equipment needed, the task doesn’t require much but the key component to take into account is the location of your services.

Since location is paramount you may offer your services at the clients resident or you may strike a deal with the local gas station owner to offer the services at their stations and in return share a percentage of your profit with them as an appreciation for using their property.

Retail & Food Service

If you are of age 14 and above then you may consider getting a ‘real’ job of a store or restaurant attendant this summer. If you think you can handle this kind of job then it isn’t too early to start marketing yourself for any opening in a local store or restaurant.

Creating a résumé for yourself with all the required information such as contact information and any skill or working experience that you’d like your employer to know about is important as it shows some kind of maturity which gives the employer reason to employ you.

Oct. 14.

Get a Job, Kid!

As typical for any teenager my teenage jobs were lousy and formative. I happened to have done a lot of jobs and at one summer I was employed at a dock to scoop ice cream for at a rate of $5 an hour and the additional tips I got which was not that badly off. At some instance I worked at a local grocery where I carried out a lot of activities including bagging the groceries and at some point keeping the leafy veggies moistened. As for me these jobs taught me some essential life skills that have been helpful till now.

As compared to the 1950s through to 1990s, the number of youths having summer jobs has greatly reduced from an average of about 55% to a low of approximately 25% currently. After the end of the World War II, the government began keeping tabs and it can be noted that the employment of youths between the ages 16 to 19 has really dropped. The question on everyone mind would then be; why are the numbers dropping or what could they be doing instead.

According to the research and analysis carried out by the Economic Policy Institute in 2010, it was found that though the numbers of youth being employed is less, it does not mean that they are merely lazing around as the number of idle teens has also fallen. The rate of youth unemployment fell to unprecedented levels long before the economic meltdown in 2007 as young Americans had started leaving the formal employment sectors.

In a quest to find a lasting solution, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board pointed out that there was need to raise the minimum wage from the $5.15 in 2007 to a high of $7.25 in 2009 in phases. This was majorly a conservative approach but it face challenges as the employers were going through a tough time economically and it wouldn’t make sense raising the wages of an unskilled labor while the payrolls of professionals were being slashed.

The minimum wage cannot be blamed for the poor turnout of youth into the labor market as they started opting out of the market long before the minimum wage hikes. Though it has had some effects, it isn’t solely to blame for the current trend. Businesses have been allowed to higher teens below the age of 20 and pay them wages below the minimum wage as long as they work for a period not exceeding 90 days.

The explanation for such a trend can be due to the fact that of late most teens would prefer staying at school or take up internship programs. An increase in the number of immigrants can also be blamed as there has been an increase in completion for these jobs by immigrants and from other old workers.

According to statistic only a mere 17% of teens enrolled for summer school in 1985 but currently more than 50% of the youth have been enrolled for such programs which can be the main reason as to the drop of participation of the youth in the labor markets. Apart from summer schools, internship and community service are on the upsurge and a lot of the teens are taking part in them now.

The shift indicates that the education system is more demanding today than it was several decades ago and with the tendency to achieve academically. According to economist Teresa Morisi of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, families today are wealthier today than they were some decades ago and college entry has become more competitive than it was hence teens pay more attention to their academics than getting summer jobs.

Competition for the poorly paying summer and part time jobs has really influenced the rate of uptake for these jobs as more and more immigrants are entering into the low paying part time jobs. According to the Center for Immigration Studies show that the share of participation of the immigrants in these jobs increased significantly this has led to a sharp decrease in the participation of US born teenagers. The study is also backed by other studies such as the one conducted by economists at the Northeastern University and the Federal Reserve.

Grandparents are also a source of competition for the teenagers. As early as in the late 1990s a majority of the senior citizens had reached the retirement age but a number were retained or joined other work places where they have taken up positions that were once a reserve for the teens. As the number of teens being employed plummets, those of senior citizens taking such jobs that were once for the kids rises.

Oct. 14.

How Do We Prepare Kids for Jobs We Can’t Imagine Yet? Teach Imagination

I bet it must have been difficult visualizing the kind of job you are doing by your teachers, parents and even by yourself. Quite a number of us are pursuing carriers we had no idea existed in the first place. With the unpredictability of the future job market it’s even more difficult for schools to set up the next generation for success. Schools are now faced with a task of fostering creativity and engaging the students in imaginative thinking.

Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts are co-directors of a project that was started at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette whose theme being a focus on this Imaginative Age. At a time where the world systems require a new breed of imaginative individuals it is paramount for humanity to work together in imagining and creation of systems both for economy and culture. The two have come up with a system to test and evaluate ways that can be incorporated in real teaching situations to be used in creativity and imagination building.

As expected, the research has been placed in a web portal for a free and easy use by all individuals. Their research revolved around fostering imagination and creative thinking and from the research the solutions and ideas that work best have been enumerated in the portal.

The portal provides all the information that you need in form of articles and videos that are helpful in understanding how to improve your imagination and creativity which comes in handy especially in nurturing new methods of delivering academic content. Though a number of the approaches may be unrealistic for given situations such as learning from robots as some as some learning conditions wouldn’t allow that. Other suggestions that proved to let individuals think outside the box include the use of social media in the classroom.