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Oct. 14.

Ways for Kids to Make Money

Like adults kids too appreciate spending. To instill money management skills and responsibility it is important to have the basic money earning skills. Depending on the kind of job and the location, the amount of money earned by kids will be different.

If you are looking for ways to make money you can share with us.

1. Pet Sitter

This happens to be an easy way of making cash for kids. Pet sitting involves taking care of the pets especially feeding them when the pet owners are unavailable. Per sitters have the advantage of offering to other petty jobs such as watering indoor plants, receiving mail and newspaper when you are not home.

2. Babysitter

Babysitting is also a source of income inflow for teens. The Red Cross offers prerequisite skills in babysitting which may come in handy especially if you have neighbors or family friends with kids that need a hand in taking care of them. You may also be a mother’s helper and assist with the running of small errands while the mother stays at home to help.

3. Lawn Mowing

This is suitable for kids who like to handle machines such as the lawn mower or spend most of their time doing outdoor activities. Such a skill can come in handy as it may be used to generate some income when the homeowner is away or if the homeowner would like to delegate that duty to someone else.

4. Yard Work

Manual work such as raking, planting and watering of flowers and other compound activities can be partaken by teens who would like to generate some income.

5. Dog Walker

Dog walking is a great summer time job that can be used to generate some income. For pet lovers this would an enjoyable opportunity that doubles up as a money making exercise. It is important that before you take the dog for walking ensure that you can handle the pet and above all you are comfortable with it.

6. Working Retail

The laws in different states have restrictions prohibiting employment of minors and therefore you need to familiarize with the applicable laws and if possible acquire a working permit before doing this kind of job.

7. Family Business

When running a family business, minors tasks such as filing, envelope stuffing and mailing, sorting stuff and any other task you deem less demanding can be carried out by kids.

Jun. 12.

Online Jobs For Students

A steady cash flow is something all students require during their academic years. While some students turn to their parents, others opt for online jobs to help meet their daily expense. The problem arises when class timings clash with their working hours and project deadlines. Hence, most students work part time and seek out jobs that do not conflict with their study schedule. On line jobs become a crucial part of their student lives because they offer flexibility and convenience like none other.

Intuitive Online Jobs

Questions and Answers

Writers are frequently hired by search engines for providing relevant information, and answering questions posed by visitors to the site. is one such example, although Askville, Wiki Answers and Yahoo! Answers are not on the list. The sole reason behind this exercise is to provide solutions to problems. A writer is hired to assist people in their search for answers, which may encompass a wide variety of topics from health problems to secret recipes.
Jobs like these lure prospective applicants because of two major factors;

  • They provide a great opportunity to learn and discover new things.
  • They offer flexible working hours in which only a certain number of questions require answering.

Taking on a Writer’s job

Copywriters are required to fulfil a certain criteria. Their work includes not just rewriting but improving upon the given text and turning it into an effective copy. For an article of 500 words, a person might need to research and put together an informative piece or simply write from their own experience, whichever the case these jobs suit students because of the convenience they offer. Today, many companies hire freelance writers to comment on their company websites and blogs.

Data Entry

For people who want to do nothing more than fill addresses and forms, data entry is the perfect option. Data entry jobs are a mix of clerical and secretarial work and turn up frequently on search engines. However, it is imperative that you know how to tell a real job from a sham. Avoid all jobs that charge an entry fee or require you to buy their training kit.

Demanding (But Worthwhile) Work Online


This job is not only exacting and time consuming but also more challenging than other writing jobs. It requires a writer to convert an audio file into a written format, according to the requirement of the client. Although, conversion softwares like Dragon Naturally, are also available but due to limited feasibility manual transcription services are vastly preferred. If a writer is good at transcription, it fits easily into his time schedule. However, transcribing is not everybody’s cup of tea and experience plays a huge role in landing a good job. Most companies seek out experienced transcribers unless they are on a tight budget.


Online teaching is the same as regular teaching, except the interaction between the teacher and pupil takes place via Skype and other free video chat services. Nowadays, it has become a common practice for companies to train and tutor students with special needs in this manner, and help them earn a living.

Apr. 11.

Residual Income

The Most Convenient Way to Earn Residual Income

Residual income attracts many because of its two major qualities: it rewards the effort, and brings in cash after just the preliminary exertion. This is quite similar to a second job with a different payment system in which your income is not fixed and therefore, your salary has a greater chance of increasing.
Venture capital is a prerequisite for the output, so you have to set a goal and invest in it to earn the dividends. The primary investment can be in a variety of forms, one example is; property.
Before venturing into any new scheme it is imperative that you take stock of your own abilities. Look for work that requires your particular set of skills. For instance, if you have computers in mind, you might need to develop softwares, or have in depth knowledge about computer hardware and electronics. Similarly, marketing skills are a must for acquiring commissions and managing versatile business schemes.

Conventional Ways to Earn Residual Income

A smart way to increase commissions is by communicating. Word of mouth travels fast, so notify your friends, colleagues and other business associates of prospective clientele. Assisting each other not just helps forge business relations, increase recommendations and encourage referrals but also increases residual income.

Project yourself the best way you can. If you have a vision, you might be surprised to learn that some others share the same dream. Research and collect as much information as you can, and use it wisely to make an astute investment. Come up with the best solution and sell it the best possible way.
Another great way to earn residual income is by allowing your land to be drilled for minerals, while you hold the land rights. This is not a fixed income job and you do not have to put in an effort. Your earnings depend upon the quantity of mineral extracted from your land while you stay in charge.

Earning Income Online

If you are a writer or a musician, you can sell your eBook or music CD rights to a prospective client and earn a percentage on their online sales. In such cases residual income comes in two ways;

  • Income earned when the contract is renewed.
  • Income earned from a specific sales percentage.

Selling the distribution rights to several distributers automatically increases your chances of earning more, without incurring any extra charges.
An affiliate system generates income through selling items presented by another group. Become a middleman and help sell what has already been introduced in the market. Residual income can be attained by setting your percentage fee on each commodity that you sell. Working in this manner you attract prospective buyers from far and wide and seal deals without making a huge investment. Affiliate programs allow you to earn easy money on your sales, plus on the sales of your referrals. Acquiring a 15% on the referrals’ sales will add substantially to the 60% you made through personal sales, consequently earning you a hefty and rewarding residual income.

Mar. 19.

Online Job Search

Online job search is perhaps the most common method of looking for a job. With Internet becoming easily accessible to all; people are finding it very convenient to look for jobs online. Additionally, more and more employers are posting their jobs online to find suitable employees. Using Internet for job search is not just convenient but it is also very effective and quick.

Searching for jobs over Internet helps people to look for jobs that they are really interested in. By narrowing down their search according to their preferences, people can easily find jobs that are specifically designed for them. A job seeker can always look for a job that requires his skills, qualification and background.

While looking for jobs over the Internet might seem very easy and convenient, there is still a need to perfectly match your skills with that required by the job. This might become a daunting task considering the competition in the industry. As a matter of fact, looking for jobs online has only increased competition among job seekers. You might think you have the required skill level, qualifications, age and experience as per the job description, but there are many others out there who also meet these criterion.

It is important to understand that Internet is the largest source for employers to get their staff. Hence, if you do not have the right profile or if you do not adopt a right approach, chances are high that your application will not even be looked into.

Here are some quick tips that can help you make your online job search effective –

A professional email address is a must

Looking for a job is a clear indication that you want to get serious in life. There is hence no way that you can use your flashy high school chat usernames for your professional account. Create an email address with your name along with a few numbers from your birthday to avoid duplication of email addresses. Once you register with an job search engine, allow hourly job notifications so that you are aware of any new jobs posted online.

Use an appropriately formatted resume

It is important to understand that your resume is the most important document that builds your chances of getting you your dream job. Be very careful with the find and formatting you use for your resume. Most fonts are not compatible with other computers and when your employer views your resume, there is a possibility that all he sees are some symbols and squares. Using standard fonts like Times New Roman, Verdana and Arial in size 10-12 is most recommended. It is even better, if you could get your resume converted into PDF format.

Check the privacy settings of your profile

While Internet offers many advantages for your job search, it also involves a major risk to your privacy and identity. When you create your profile, make sure that you have made your details visible to your potential employers but have kept them hidden from spammers and hackers. A good practice is to keep your name, age, educational qualification and experience visible to all as these are the aspects of your profile that need to be known to potential employers. You may keep your contact details, employment history and licenses hidden and make these details available only to the employers on whose jobs you have applied or those whom you allowed access to your personal details.

Edit your profile to automatically screen jobs for you

It is recommended that when you create your profile on any online job search engine, you discreetly mark your industry and area of interest. Use the various options on the job portal to select the categories and keywords pertaining to the jobs you are looking for. This will filter your search and you will receive notifications according to your narrowed down preferences.
Always respond to the potential employers

Every job search engine will have site administrators who look into the issues faced by both job seekers and employers. Just as a job seeker may report the bad experiences he had with a potential employer, employers too can report no-communication as an issue. It is important to respond to your potential employer and keep him informed on whether you would like to further discuss the job. If you are unable to attend an interview for any reason, it is important to let the employer know about it in advance.

Competition is bound to exist in the job market. No matter how talented and qualified an individual is, there is always another individual with the same level of knowledge and expertise. Only by adopting a smart job search process, the success rate of an individual will increase. When looking for jobs online, the above tips can be very helpful.