Finding Jobs for 15 Year Olds

School is over, summer has come.

Are you 15 and you are starting to think about what kind of job you are interested in? If you are and you have absolutely no idea what to look for, try looking for a teen job that might help you earn some pocket money.

You might be only 15 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a summer job. Instead of wasting your summer time on the Internet and video games why not get a job that will give you some summer income?

It is not only the financial benefit involved but you also get the chance to learn something.

The way employers look at things, it is not that often to hire 15 year olds because the availability of this age group is somehow limited. However, many restaurant owners try hard to work with these age groups. There are several things you should keep in mind when applying for ANY job. First, leave your attitude behind you and don’t demand things about your work until you have proven your skills.

You are applying for a job to a business owner so your dress code should be appropriate and remember that good manners and politeness are an advantage.

Usually you will be asked for references by the people who are interviewing you. Prepare yourself for that and ask for references beforehand from people you know and have worked for. They could be your teachers, someone from church, coaches, friends or parents from friends who know you as a character.

You should note down their name, address and phone number and remember to inform them that they may be contacted by your potential employer. No employer would want to get in an awkward position by calling someone who has not been informed.

Below there are some suggestions for the most popular summer jobs for 15-year-olds. One of them or maybe more might catch your interest. Read through the list and fill your summer time with a job that can offer you an exciting experience.

These are the most common summer part time jobs for teens:

  • Office work- almost any office needs someone to perform easy tasks such as answering calls, file papers, greet customers, clean and some other office duties.
  • Grocery shops might need staff too to greet customers as they leave the shop or help them put their groceries in bags and help them carry them, be responsible for returning carts to their place or re stock shelves.
  • Help is also wanted in retail stores in summer. Usually you will be given simple tasks like keeping aisles and shelves straightened.
  • You could find a job as hostess at a restaurant. Remember the McDonald’s gig – now you will have your own money and you can spend them on anything you like.
  • Hotels and lodges – due to their continuous turnover of customers you could find a good job there – even better if it is nearby.
  • Do you like sports? Maybe you could check local amusement parks, sports facilities of all kinds (tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball…) – you can get ideas from community parks and recreation departments.
  • Athletic clubs often need someone to pick up towels and from my experience it is a fun experience because people there are kind to you.
  • There are also golf pitches and miniature and driving ranges to look for a job as well.
  • If your parents allow you a more extended time curfew, then you could also work at a gas station – that’s what I did when I got my first job at 15 and it’s great working outside in summer, plus earning money!
  • Mow people’s lawns. If members of your family have large lawns or fields that need mowing, you might get a job as a lawn mower. It’s a very simple work, just use the equipment to cut the grass no matter how large the field is. Your payment could be based either on how many hours you worked or how much area you covered. You can also make your own advertising leaflets advertising your skills (trim hedges, edge lawns…) and this way make extra cash.
  • When you work in a car wash you get to be paid by the hours you are working there however in some places you are paid by the car. On the other hand, if you have enough space in your carport at your house and as long as you don’t violate any city or country rules, you can start your own car wash business where you live.
  • Job in the media- Sometimes the media, teen magazines and even blogs need young journalists to provide their writing to capture that market target group.
  • You can also find a job in summer camps as a counselor. You can program it a year before so if you missed this year, you can book the next one. In addition, there are the big brother-big sister programs at the YMCA and church groups.
  • Another good idea is tutoring. Are a good guitar player? Do you speak foreign languages fluently? Or what about Maths? You can share your knowledge with other people or kids your age and help them with something you know well.

The options for you are numerous if you are really interested in making some money this summer. No special training or extra studying is required for these summer jobs. Just your positive attitude and enjoyment you can get out of the satisfaction that you are earning your own money.

You will feel so proud of yourself and your achievement when summer is over. You can refer your friends or classmates to your boss if there is a job opening.

Be careful who you recommend to your boss however. Choose well the people you recommend because if you make a bad referral it could have a bad reflection on you.